New American Eagle campaign is all real women, no photoshop wanted or needed

Look in any magazine, look up at any billboard or scan your nearest in-store campaign and chances are you are looking at images that have been manufactured. These are not women that walk the streets amongst mere mortals. In fact, they are not women that exist at all. There are women among us that are lucky enough to sort of resemble these women, but Photoshop goes a long way in creating the image we see that ends up in print. One brand, however, is deciding to shake things up a bit by throwing out Photoshop entirey. 

American Eagle lingerie brand Aerie has just announced they are going Photoshop free for the latest campaign. All the visuals for the brand’s latest season feature real women who appear exactly as they do on camera. These are “real women,” and the brand is carrying their message far and wide. Will others follow their lead? While we love the idea, we do believe the industry would have to go through a 12-step programme in order to ditch their Photoshop addiction. 


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