Kate Upton’s next Sports Illustrated swimsuit moment shot in outer space

Kate Upton has already appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit twice, and while we have no word on whether or not she’ll grab the honour for the third time, we can confirm she is in fact appearing in the issue. How do we know? Well, Page Six have reported that the shoot for the magazine was actually manufactured to look as if Kate Upton were floating in outer space. Now the hilarious bit of all this is the fact that Jimmy Fallon actually predicted that this would one day happen.

Check out this video – fast forward to 1:43 – where Jimmy Fallon suggests Kate Upton use a green screen instead of going on location for the next issue (she was seen posing with penguins in Antartica for the last issue). 

Jimmy Fallon says, “Space… Think about this – there’s no gravity – no, no, no, no, I meant that I was thinking about you like free falling.” Yeah, sure Jimmy. Well, looks like someone over at SI was paying attention, took notes and made it happen. Your agent should be on this in a hot minute for royalties, Jimmy Bean. 


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