Kate Moss is coming to the small screen

Kate Moss has been in the business of modeling for 26 years. At age 14 she was discovered in New York at an airport and the rest, as they say, is history. Now, the supermodel is getting ready to celebrate a milestone birthday. Mossy is turning 40. She’s still modeling, grabbing covers and keeping models as young as 17 on their toes. Kate Moss is just as big today as she was at the age of 20. Seriously, looking back on her career requires a year of your life just in research. She’s been everywhere and done everything.

So what does a girl with this kind of history do to celebrate her 40th birthday? Well, more to the point, what does the world do to celebrate the 40th Birthday of Kate Moss? She already has a Playboy cover to celebrate her birthday on January 16th. Now, she also has a full length documentary coming out to mark the occasion.

Now here’s the bad news. Unless you live in France, you won’t be seeing this one time showing of the Kate Moss documentary. Yup, it’s premiering on French television later this month on January 12th. This is the news thus far. That could all change and maybe one day we’ll see said Kate Moss documentary in the USA and UK. 

We’re sure some of you are scratching your heads and wondering why the sudden change of heart in exposing your life for the world to see. Kate Moss is tradtionally a very private person and rarely speaks on camera. The documentary, sadly, will see no change there. The documentary will be made up of people speaking about their experiences with Kate Moss. Bummer, dude. 


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