Hermès, a puppy and a bracelet that provides daily inspiration…

I am continually humbled and absolutely floored by some of the experiences I have had with Fashion Foie Gras over the past four and a half years. However, one of the most spectacular moments, hands down, has to be the experience of visiting the Petit h workshop at Hermè in Paris. Never have I experienced a hub of creativity of this nature. This was a place where every mind not only thinks outside the box, they blow that thinking box to smithereens. 

Shortly after our visit to Paris, Petit h took over the Bond Street Hermè store in London and put on a display that had all of London talking about this new incredible venture. If you missed this, keep an eye out for the next one, either in London or perhaps a town closer to you. This is not the last you will see of Petit h. 

Now this leads me to the pictures you see herewith. When I returned to London after Christmas I had a very special present waiting for me, and as it was quite possibly the most beautifully wrapped thing I have ever received, I therefore felt compelled to share. 

Obviously the folks over at Hermè know I have a weakness for dogs. The timeless orange box is wrapped beautifully with a recycled piece of Hermes leather, cut in the shape of a sitting pup. I remember Pascale Mussard saying she used to wrap all her Christmas presents as a child with leather scraps form the Hermè floor. Never in a million years did I think I’d be on the receiving end of her beautifully artistry.

This, folks, is a piece that will remain in my collection forever. It will also be worn as a reminder to take chances and think outside the box whenever possible. Pascale Mussard wanted to create a space to reimagine the discarded materials from HermèHer dream is a reality and an inspiration to me on a daily basis. 


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