Hayden Panettiere bought her Golden Globes Tom Ford Dress. Shock Horror!

Could someone please explain why the world is criticising Nashville star Hayden Panettiere for buying her Golden Globe dress? The woman should win a Golden Globe just for doing so. If anyone could give us the name of any other A-lister walking the red carpet that night that bought their own dress we’d like you to get in touch. It’s unheard of. Hollywood borrows, borrows, borrows. And how often is that followed by the word buy, buy, buy?

But, not Miss Nashville. This woman is all about wearing what she wants and putting her credit card behind her. Sister, you have a whole new set of fans here at FFG for doing so.

Now, you may be wondering where this little bit of information about Hayden and the dress came from. Well, on the night Tom Ford confirmed he dressed only Naomi Watts for the red carpet. This of course leads everyone to scratch their heads and wonder why Hayden was happily telling every reporter that would listen that she was proudly wearing Tom Ford. Her face lit up with a megawatt smile every time she was asked. Could it be because she knew she was giving the finger to the whole system? So this begs the question… are women on the red carpet going to be headed to retail instead of Rachel (Zoe that is)? We’re not betting on it. Everyone loves a freebie, even the celebs that make enough money in one hour to buy ten Tom Ford dresses. Go figure. 

For those of you wondering if there was any drama between Tom Ford and Hayden Panettiere after she wore the dress, we can confirm it’s all happiness and rainbows between the two. Hayden tweeted this with the following picture after the big night:Such an honor to wear one of this man’s masterpieces! Thank you for my beautiful flowers! #TOMFORD.”

Images via Hayden’s Twitter


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