Forget cash, Marc Jacobs only accepts tweets in this pop-up shop

We all know tweets are like currency these days. Brand exposure with social media is intense. Send the right tweet and by it’s very viral nature, the word is spread far and wide. More exposure can sometimes come from one tweet than can be purchased in advertising with dozens of major newspapers. This is the power of social. So, who’s the first to cash in on that power in the most literal sense? It looks like that honour is going to Marc Jacobs.

It has just been announced that Marc Jacobs will launch a pop-up shop during New York Fashion Week where you cannot buy anything using money, but you can purchase by sending a tweet. Perfect timing, if you ask us, with all the big fashion bloggers in town. Some of these girls have millions of followers and their messages are truly worth more than gold itself. So how does it all work? Well it appears no one is exactly sure how tweets will measure up to what you can purchase. The “Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop” seems to be set up as lounge area with nail stations, a photo booth and drinks on hand. So you’ll have to mosey on down to the shop on the big day to find out more. Here’s hoping there are handbags in the mix. {Luxuo}


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