Eva Longoria makes a cover debut in a white tank top next to a beer headline… any guesses as to what mag this is?

We have to take a moment and just point out a few of the differences between men’s and women’s magazines, after seeing this latest issue of Maxim announcing Eva Longoria as the Woman of The Year. First of all, seeing Eva Longoria on the cover of a magazine in a white tank top isn’t out of whack. Sure it isn’t high fashion, but then again most women’s magazines these days are testing the boundaries with fashion and going from simple tees to ornate couture pieces on their covers and seeing the same results.  

What really makes this magazine stand out as a men’s magazine has everything to do with the headlines featuring alongside Eva Longoria’s bod. What we wouldn’t give to pick up a copy of Vogue one day and see “Does Beer Make You Stronger?” Honestly, isn’t this all a question that’s knocking around in our heads on a daily basis. Ummm… no. Or how about “It’s Sex O’Clock”? Well, to be honest, we’ve seen worse headlines on Cosmopolitan magazine. One thing we’re pretty sure we’ll never see on a woman’s fashion magazine…. “Psychic Superbowl Predictions.” {Maxim}


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