Dove states the obvious again: We can find the beauty in others easily, not so easily in ourselves

Honestly, Dove kills it with their shorts. This past year we’ve found more inspiration in what they have to say about beauty than anything else. Points like the one they are making here are important reminders that change needs to happen in the world’s community of women. 

Ask any woman what she loves about her own body and even most supermodels will blush and blow off the question. We know this to be a fact as it’s a question we asked some of the world’s top models last time we were backstage with Victoria’s Secret. The question was asked and the response was absolute silence. So just imagine what the same scenario is like asking your average woman on the street. 

Now to turn the whole thing on its head, imagine what would happen if you asked these same women what they loved about their friend’s body. There wouldn’t be a moment’s hesitation. We all have something beautiful to say about our friends. They’re our live’s blood, they are beautiful in every way and a complement there is one of the easiest given.  So watch this video and try to see yourself as your friends do… as a beautiful and unique creature on this earth. This is a feel good day, people. Embrace it. 

Here’s a challenge… write below what you find beautiful about yourself. You can do this completely anonymously if you want. But let’s share shamelessly what we love about our own bodies! Let Dove act as your inspiration…


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