Carrying on with the 12 good deeds of Christmas: Pay it Forward

posted on: Wednesday, 1 January 2014

You may remember back at the start of December I mentioned I was taking part in Coco Cola's project to complete 12 good deeds before Christmas Day. I was given a list of tasks to complete and I took the project very seriously. From taking time to listen to carol singers, to making sure the recycling was done throughout Christmas, I'm proud to say I completed each and every task. 

Some of the 12 good deeds were more fun than others. Making cookies for my local shop owners before Christmas was a highlight. Seeing the look on their faces as an unexpected gift finds its way onto the counter when someone's just buying a stack of papers is absolutely priceless. Then there were tasks that were harder- like playing designated driver for a night. As I don't have a license in the UK, I had to improvise and picked up the tab for taxis for a night out. Same thing as driving, nearly, right?

Now, moving forward, I've made a decision to include some of the 12 good deeds of Christmas into my everyday life. In fact, I've changed the 12 good deeds to match what I think will be appropriate to an everyday agenda in London. So here they are, in their original and altered state:

1. Take some time to stop and listen to Carol Singers - Take time to look around and appreciate the beautiful city around me.
2. Thank your bin-men, postman, milk man or paper boy with a surprise gift - Thank all those who help make everyday life easier. Thank them whenever you can!
3. Offer to be the designated driver on a Christmas night out - I'll stick with the cab offerings on this one!
4. Surprise a loved one with a kiss under the mistletoe or a festive hug - Always kiss or hug the people that matter most to be in life - let them know always they are loved.
5. Give someone a hand carrying their Christmas shopping or luggage - If you see someone on the street that needs assistance, lend a hand whenever you can. 
6. Make your friends and family smile by wearing a silly Christmas hat for a day - Laugh with friends and family whenever possible, tell jokes, make funny faces, share experiences! 
7. Pay someone a compliment they weren't expecting - do just this every day.
8. Wish a complete stranger Merry Christmas-  say Good Morning to complete strangers when out and about.
9. Surprise someone with a homemade Christmas card - Send homemade Birthday cards!
10. Hold a door open for someone - do just this every day.
11. Reward good customer service with a thank-you note - do this every chance you get.
12. Do your bit for the environment and recycle - do this already every single day. 

Won't you join me in paying it forward and making the Coca Cola's 12 Good Deeds of Christmas an everyday event?