Watching the future of fashion with H&M design award 2013 winner Minju Kim

posted on: Thursday, 31 January 2013

When it comes to fashion these days, I find that many designers that have "made it" tend to stick with minimal risk when presenting their latest collections. They become what many of us like to call "commercialised". All of the sudden that young designer has responsibilities to deliver cash to his investors so he/she has to make sure that the collection brings home the bacon, so to speak. So you'll understand that risks taken in mainstream fashion are usually calculated ones. 

Having said this, there is nothing "calculated" about Minju Kim, the winner of the 2013 H&M Design Award. Having sat front and centre to watch Kim's collection debut live on the catwalk at Stockholm Fashion Week, I must say I was blown away. This is not fashion we have seen before and H&M certainly recognised that fact when they were presented with Minju Kim's work.

Needless to say, this sort of exposure and opportunity will certainly change Minju Kim's career. At the age of 26, this Belgian designer is already the talk of the town after her debut. From the shoes to the elaborate headdresses, we're wondering what will appear in store. Yes, Kim is actually designing a capsule collection for H&M to go in stores later this year. She was also awarded a prize of €50,000, which we hope will give her the freedom to keep creating. The world wants more Minju Kim!

The Hilfigers are back and this time they're dancing at sea

I love "The Hilfigers." There, I've said it. Each and every video that Tommy Hilfiger has released featuring this fantastic fictional family has me wishing I could be magically adopted into the fold. They started with a Thanksgiving feast a couple of years ago, then went to the country club to play golf and last winter showed us inside The Hilfiger household.

This season Tommy Hilfiger has us sailing the seven seas with the perfectly preppy posse. Not only are they absolutely gorgeous, they're dressed head to toe in killer clothing... all from Tommy Hilfiger of course. Without further ado I present to you, Voyage Seafarius.

Maria Nilsdotter's magical world of jewellery for autumn winter 2013 from Stockholm Fashion Week

posted on: Wednesday, 30 January 2013

After a few years of exploring the fashion industry from this seat, one tends to think they've seen it all when it comes to presentations and runway shows. When you get to this point, the world of fashion has a way of throwing you a curve ball to say, "Hey, we're not done surprising you yet." Such was the case as I walked into Maria Nilsdotter's presentation for Autumn Winter 2013 yesterday morning.

The presentation was held in Maria Nilsdotter's new store in the centre of Stockholm's shopping district. It was a short walk from our hotel but by the time we arrived at the door we were ready for some warmth, any warmth. It was freezing out there. Keeping that in mind, Nilsdotter's presentation couldn't have asked for more suitable weather for an indoor presentation. We came out of the cold and into a warm room only to discover a most unexpected scene.

As you walked into the space you were confronted with three nearly nude individuals. The only thing separating you from whole bare flesh were a few nude bits and pieces. No, this wasn't done in the interest of showing off flesh. The nearly nudes were showing off the masterful work of Maria Nilsdotter's clever hands. Her jewellery shined in the light and seemed to contain a sort of magical element. That could have had something to do with the fact that the hair styles of the models and the lighting of the room made you feel as if you had entered a parallel universe, but that's all part of the charm.

This was definitely a presentation to remember and a jewellery designer worth keeping in mind.

Diane von Furstenberg designing another collection for Gap

Big news has arrived from the Diane von Furstenberg camp. Remember last Spring when DvF did a collaboration with Gap for Gap kids? Remember also that we were wishing for her to do an adult line so that we could all get in on the action? Well, I have good news and I have bad news. Let's start with the bad. DVF is not doing a collection with Gap for adults. And the good? She's coming back to do another collection for kids!

So, if you missed out on the first DvF for Gap collaboration, or if the first wasn't enough to satisfy your DvF craving, put your money where you mouth is and get thee to a Gap for April 2013.

Don't remember how fabulous the first collection was? Not to worry... we covered it! Take a look here.

Editors Picks: Shopping the ASOS final sale for Fashion Week

The ASOS sale is massive. It's huge on a level that will take you hours to sift through. While that may sound like an ideal afternoon for most, we thought we'd cut through the search and show you our favourite picks from the huge selection. These are the items we'll be wearing to fashion week and keeping in our closets long after the sale is forgotten.

All items seen above are on sale, although not all prices listed at final sale prices so you may be pleasantly surprised by an even better bargain when you click on the link. Happy hunting!

There's a new Birkin-Non-Birkin on the block

Over the past two days I've run into a lot of familiar faces at Stockholm Fashion Week. Today I had an opportunity to give my good friend The Very Simon G a great big old hug that has been overdue since before Christmas.

However, after said hug was received my eyes immediately moved towards the ground to Simon's bag. He was swinging a beautiful bag that is an updated version of the "Birkin-non-Birkin" I wrote about so many years ago. The new version, from V73, comes complete with gold hardware attached to the canvas and some pretty nifty pockets inside for storage. As you all, dear readers, went so nuts for the Birkin-Non-Birkin so long ago, I thought I'd update you on the situation.

They are currently available to buy online in all sorts of shapes and colours, should you be looking for an oversized tote for fashion month.

Stockholm Fashion Week AW13 Front Row Style Patrol

We're approaching day three for Stockholm Fashion Week AW13, the third and final day of the season here. While one would think waiting for the final day would be wise before doing a round up of the looks we've seen while here, I couldn't resist giving you a peak at some of the styles we've seen on the front row.

There have been some rather crazy looks that people have worked like most of us work a pair of jeans and t-shirt. There have also been classic looks that had us all wishing we could emulate their easy elegance. Then there were the looks that were so relaxed you had to wonder if these folks were going to the grocery store or sitting front row at a catwalk show.

In short, Stockholm gave us a look at some pretty fantastic stuff. So here's a look at what we saw and just had to mention. Take a look and answer me this... can you blame us? Amazing...

Love the Look: A hands on collar...from a London super blogger

posted on: Tuesday, 29 January 2013

I swear I'm not sure whether to avoid Mademoiselle Robot all together or hope she'll rub off on me. As she's one of my dearest blogging friends I can't very well avoid her, so that's sorted. This woman has some serious style and is incredibly talented in discovering new and covetable looks that I could never pull off in a million years.

The first day of Stockholm Fashion Week she came downstairs, took off her coat and turned to me wearing this most magnificent collar. Have you ever seen anything so entirely fabulous and unexpected? I wasn't the only person to take out my camera and shoot M. Robot, but I like to think I was the first. Here's to you, my super style icon! Do check out her site as this picture does not do her justice, not one tiny bit.

Spotted: Alicia Vikander carrying Coach at Stockholm Fashion Week

For those who follow FFG on instagram, you will have seen we posted a little bit of a teaser today regarding the aforementioned "spotted."  Alicia Vikander, actress from Anna Karenina and The Royal Affair, made her way onto the front row for the Dagmar show at Stockholm Fashion Week. As I was admiring her beautiful Dagmar coat, she turned the other direction for a photographer and my eyes were immediately drawn to the leather tote swinging from her arm.

Vikander was carrying none other than the Coach Legacy Archival Bucket Bag. I couldn't grab my camera fast enough. Do I really need to explain my ongoing obsession with this brand?

Well played, Miss Alicia Vikander, for not only rocking an enviable Swedish coat but also a swoon worthy American classic bag. Love this look.

Nine-year-old Oscar Nominee Quvenzhané Wallis has a signature handbag already... cue the fashion swoon

So imagine you're nine years old. You've just been nominated for an Oscar for a role you played when you were six. You've sat for an interview with Vogue Magazine where Andre Leon Talley asked you about your favourite red carpet looks. You're now a recognizable face around the globe and you've not even been with us for an entire decade yet. Such is the case with Quvenzhane Wallis. She's an international star after appearing in "Beasts of the Southern Wild" and she's set to become even more of a house hold name should she win the Oscar at the forthcoming Academy Awards.

The big question of course is what this gorgeous little starlet will wear on her big night. After spending some time on the couch recently with Ellen Degeneres, we have one key element all cleared up. We're not sure if you have noticed but little Miss Wallis has a bit of an accessory obsession. We do start early these days, don't we?

Seems Quvenzhane Wallis loves her handbags and is setting a trend by carrying fluffy dog purses. Nothing wrong with that. We love a girl who's a trend setter, especially when it's age appropriate.

So what breed of dog will she be carrying for her big red carpet night and will she carry it on stage with her? Only one way to find out and we'll be watching!

Hockley's Pre-Fall 2013 collection is so bright you gotta wear shades...

A couple of weeks ago I popped into Hockley London to check out the 2013 Pre-Fall collection (please read why I support Hockley fur and why it's the only fur I'll buy in London). I was lucky enough to have the charming creative director, Izzet Ers, walk me through the collection from start to finish. I swear I'm lucky I still have a dime to my name after meeting with this man. His passion for his work is unrivalled in the industry and his talent is one which I admire so.

You may remember for the Spring Summer 2013 collection, Izzet introduced us to some wild colours and patterns with fur. He opened our eyes to the possibilities of colour in fur and that seems to have been but a mere teaser for what was to come. Hockley's future is so bright you gotta wear shades! For Pre-Fall 2013, we are seeing colours like we have never seen before in fur. They bounce out at you on the hanger, but when put on they instantly bring you to life in a new and unexpected fashion. And the colours aren't the only surprising element to this collection. There are also some wonderful metallic details, floral embellishments and new types of fur being used.

This is a collection that is, like all Hockley collections before it, one which allows for all levels of buyers to participate, whether you want the chinchilla coat or the rabbit fur hat. It's what I have treasured about the brand since being introduced to them for the first time last year. Hockley is a fur brand that is both ethical and affordable. I know both words are not usually associated with the fur trade, so you can understand why this is a brand so near and dear to my heart. Now I'm just hoping it's cold enough at London Fashion Week for me to wear a few pieces.

Sidenote: Check online as Hockley is still holding their winter sale. For those of you that love that Rabbit snood I've been wearing around town - it's on sale too!

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Stockholm Day One: Part Two

So part two of day one, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Stockholm... where to start? Maybe with the fabulous racoon tails that not only made an appearance in print but also in reality on the catwalk at Carin Wester? Or how about the lovely ladies in fishnet masks at Back? And as for Stylein, I want it all and had some serious hair envy as the models made their way up and down the catwalk.

By end of play on day one of Stockholm Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2013, I had already mentally filled half a wardrobe. Now two more days to go... stick with me as I'll also have reports on front row fashion and more.

The best Valentine's Day present for 2013

For Valentine's Day I feel like there is always a lot or pressure with gifts. When it comes to men, I just plain feel sorry for them on this day as most are seen hanging around flower shops or chocolate boutiques desperately hoping to discover something that will be "good enough" for the love holiday. This year, I do believe I've found the world's most perfect Valentine's Day gift. I just tripped upon it this morning and I'm instantly in love with all that it says and does.

Anya Hindmarch has created a leather pouch (£135) that says all that needs to be said on Valentine's Day - " I Love You." Am I wrong in thinking that truly there is nothing more needed for the perfect Valentine's Day gift? This is a gift that says it all and will last forever. Every time the person you love takes out there pouch they'll be reminded of your love and how you said it so perfectly on the big day. Not that I'm leaving any hints or anything... ahem... Mr. FFG....

Emma Stone shares a bed with Ben Affleck and Bradley Cooper for cover of Vanity Fair.

Did you ever imagine you'd see Emma Stone, Ben Affleck and Bradley Cooper in bed together? Well, Vanity Fair made it happen. Thanks to the photographic talents of Bruce Weber, we have the three actors as bedfellows for the cover of Vanity Fair March 2013. Titled "Adventures in Hollywood," it looks like Bruce Weber has quite the interesting issue in store for us. If the cover is any indication of the content, we might be buying more than one copy. {Vanity Fair}

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Stockholm Day One: Part One

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Stockholm kicked off yesterday with a series of shows that kept me busy from day break to well past sunset. The day started at 4am with a flight from London to Stockholm and we were straight into the shows upon arrival. There was so much to take in from amazing street style, outstanding performances around the runways and of course the runways themselves. In fact, there's so much to absorb that I've had to make a decision to break things down for you here into parts. I sure hope you like Swedish style as the next four days will see more coverage from Stockholm than anywhere else. So sit up, enjoy a cup of warm coffee at your desk and think of me out in the snow working my way from show to show (I promise it was not my intention for that to rhyme).

For my first round up, here's a look at the first half of yesterday's shows including The Local Firm, Marimekko and Hunkydory...

Stay tuned for part two coming up ASAP....