Victoria Beckham’s Skype collaboration is revealed

Remember a few months ago we mentioned whispers of a collaboration between Skype and Victoria Beckham? Well, today we have answers. There is, in fact, a collaboration happening and it’s all kicking off next month, January 2014. 

Leading up to fashion week for Autumn Winter 2014, the Skype Collaboration Project will tell the tale of Victoria Beckham’s designer path towards the runway. As the press release puts it, “the story of the Victoria Beckham label will be told in a previously unseen way.” We can’t wait to see what this entails. 

Apparently Skype will be bringing us access to special behind-the-scenes moments including talks with the team and “industry collaborators who have joined her along the way.” Then, to tie things together nicely, Skype will host a conversation with Victoria Beckham, where the public will be able to submit questions to the designer. Skype are hoping this will inspire all of our entrepreneurial spirits.

It’s not exactly a rags to riches story with Victoria Beckham, but we’re excited to see how this project with Skype progresses. Any program aimed at helping young entrepreneurs find their footing is a project we wholeheartedly support!

Congrats to Skype on an exciting move forward. We’ll be watching. Will you? 

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