Time Magazine name Jennifer Lawrence best dressed of the year

Time Magazine have today released their annual best and worst dressed list. 2013 sees some predictable winners and losers. The obvious winner for best dressed is Jennifer Lawrence. And what won her the coveted spot? Well, her Dior moment of course. Oh right, there have been a few this year, haven’t there? Well, specifically it was her floor-length pale pink ball gown from her win at the Academy Awards that had Time Magazine handing over the top spot. This was also the dress that saw Jennifer Lawrence trip on her way onto the stage to accept Best Actress. It could be possible that this swayed the vote. It was in that moment that Jennifer Lawrence became America’s sweetheart, all because of a big old Dior dress.  Other notables in this category include Kate Middleton, Selena Gomez, Channing Tatum and Mariah Carey (you have to see this to believe it… all because of sling bling.)

Now, onto who we found on the worst list. Surprising, Miley Cyrus actually made it onto the best dressed list, but also had a starring role in the worst dressed list for her twerking attire. In fact, her ensemble grabbed her the number one spot on the list. We were sure Kim Kardashian would have that honour with the Givenchy disaster from the MET gala, but Miley took the crown and Kim K came in second place on the list.

Check out the full list over on Time.com


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