The power of fat talk and the time for change

I will never forget the day I heard a six year old, who I am related to, say “this coat makes me look fat.” She was not, in fact, remotely overweight, nor did she fully understand the words coming out of her mouth. I knew that this young one was only repeating things she had heard from others. So from that moment on, I made the promise that I would not only try to edit the way in which I talk about myself in front of young impressionable girls, but also how I talk about myself to… well… myself. 

Everywhere we turn in the world, we are hearing women shame themselves. On television, radio, magazines, billboards and even social media, women are up against a big fight. The biggest population to blame? Ourselves. We continue to support the shaming of our bodies by participating in the conversation on a daily basis. How many of you look in the mirror in the morning and spot the dark circles under your eyes, new wrinkles that have appeared or skin that’s looking less than ideal? It’s a daily occurrence for me. I can’t remember if there ever was a time that I looked in the mirror and thought, “you are looking shit hot this morning.” But truly, I’m reprogramming. It’s a slow starter but it needs to happen, and if I can do it anyone can. 

What brings this all to the surface for sharing? Well, Special K have released a new campaign fighting the “Fat Talk,” and it’s bringing the conversation for change to centre stage. They’re showing women exactly what is being said out there and they’re asking us to shut it down.  As we all prepare to spend time with our families this Christmas, maybe think about changing the conversation. Here’s Special K’s message. Let’s help in sharing it and making a real change for ourselves and our daughters, shall we? 


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