The Flying Burger Company: London’s best burger delivery service

I’ve been waiting for years now to report to the masses about a great burger delivered fresh to my doorstep in London. Trust me when I say that I’ve been through more than I care to talk about. Whether they were freezing cold, cooked too much, are accompanied by mushy buns or generally just tasted like cardboard, I have suffered through it all. Then, last week, a menu was dropped through my door from The Flying Burger Company

The menu was simple enough. The Flying Burger Company promised 100% grass-fed Aberdeen Angus beef with patties made fresh daily. They guaranteed the freshest accompaniments and the softest, lightly toasted, brioche buns. So far, so good, yet I’d heard that all before from other companies. So, I said a silent prayer to the burger gods to let this be the one I’ve been searching for all these years, and I ordered a burger and fries. 

Twenty minutes later (I still can’t believe it was that quick), a man dressed as an aviator arrived on my doorstep, saluted me and handed over my order.  I unwrapped the packaging and the smell alone told me I was dealing with a whole new animal here. The food was fresh, as in straight from the cooker fresh. Everything was neatly wrapped and packaged perfectly to keep the burger at it’s best during the rigorous ride through London. As I unwrapped the Cheesy Glider {£7.95}, I discovered two medium rare beef patties overflowing with the perfect amount of melted cheese and topped with glorious gherkins, a dijionnaise sauce and a special house sauce, which I can’t pretend to know the secrets behind. 

My first bite of The Flying Burger Company’s Cheesy Glider was one to remember. Imagine fireworks, a marching band in the distance and dolphins doing back flips in celebration. London’s perfect delivery burger has been discovered. The Flying Burger Company had no idea I was ordering for review. In fact, I had no idea I was ordering for review. So I can only assume this burger is their regular fare. I can now say that I truly fear for the size of my ass from this day forward. The delicious burger and accompanying fries were demolished in moments. I sat back on my sofa trying to make sense of what had just happened and all I could do was look at the empty wrapper before me and wish there was more to enjoy. 

Ladies and gentleman, if we had a two thumbs-up mark to share, The Flying Burger Company would definitely get it. Delivering burgers in London has never been easy, but these guys just entered the big leagues. Their starting out slow with their initial offering with post codes in London, but we’re predicting a city takeover by the end of 2014.

So here are the details you need to know. On weekdays, they’re dinner only, but on weekends they extend to lunch as well. They’re super fast, so expect your meal faster than most restaurants deliver to the table.

For those of you not in West London, I’m thinking we hold a burger party at mine in January? Who’s in? You gotta try this meal…

Ok, less talking and more eating. Order here:


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