Ralph Lauren’s Holiday candles are majorly on sale!!!

You guys have heard me go on and on about my obsession with Ralph Lauren’s holiday candles. Truly, this is the fragrance that means Christmas to me and my family. Well, Momma Goose, here in SC, was lamenting the last hour of our Ralph Lauren holiday candle for the year. So I immediately went online to buy a few more for the weeks of family Christmas cheer ahead. And my stars, what did I discover but the mother of all RL sales. 

At the moment, the Ralph Lauren holiday candles are part of the semi-annual sale. They are 50% off, with an additional 25% off that at checkout. Insanity right? Let’s just say if you’re in the position to buy these, do it now or regret it later. I’ve never seen these beauties at that price. So I’m now stocking up for years to come, and for gifting for fabulous friends. {Shop Ralph Lauren Holiday Sale}


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