Net-a-Porter reveal more details for their soon to come print magazine

posted on: Monday, 16 December 2013

Mark your calendars now, fashion lovers. Net-a-Porter has announced that their print magazine, Porter, is coming and the first issue to expect is February 2014. This has been one of the most talked about magazines of 2013 and not a single issue is yet to have been printed. It might have something to do with the amazing staff that are behind the brilliant title. It may also have something to do with teasers like the one we are about to present herewith. No matter which side of the fashion fence you sit on, this is one magazine we think we'll all be subscribing to when the function becomes available. 

So without further hesitation, we present a first look at the Porter Magazine logo. Leave it to Net-a-Porter to present even the logo with a level of class and sophistication that is unparalleled.