Mustang Sienna: Sienna Miller & Rankin reveal the new Ford Mustang

We never knew Sienna Miller was a petrol head, but apparently the actress is a rather big fan of driving Ford Mustangs around America. Who isn’t really? Is there anything better than a Mustang, the open road and the wind in your hair? It’s the stuff Hollywood movies are made of. So this all comes together quite nicely. A fan of the brand, Sienna Miller; a talented photographer, Rankin; and a beautiful powerhouse vehicle all make for the perfect recipe showcasing beautiful design and insane speed. 

The nearly two-minute video shows Sienna making the rounds of the new 2015 Ford Mustang. She strokes the car, examines the interior and finally says her one and only line at the close of the advert – “I love an American accent.” 

Ladies and gentleman, we present the 2015 Ford Mustang. Go ahead, sing “Mustang Sally” at the top of your lungs now. 


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