All I want for Christmas… the Mr & Mrs. Fur Field Jacket as worn by Jourdan Dunn

Jourdan Dunn, you’ve gone and beat us to the punch. Just as we were readying our “All I Want for Christmas” post of the day, we were flipping through Instagram and what should we see but you, Jourdan Dunn, wearing the exact product we were going to feature. So we did a little image swap-a-too for today to include Miss Dunn in the daily honours. 

Seen above is Jourdan in the rather chic camouflage and fur field jacket from Mr & Mrs Furs. Coming in at £2,200 on the cash register, this is no light investment. But it’s worth every penny. Now you have a real life supermodel saying so as well. Ok, just so there is no confusion, we were totally kidding with that last line. 

Santa, please deliver! 


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