Google’s look back at 2013: Life, death, courage, discovery and more…

The closing of another year. Where has 2013 gone? That is the question we’ll all be coming to terms with over the next two weeks. We’ll be looking forward to the New Year and writing down resolutions of things we’d like to change and better about ourselves and our world in the year ahead. But to move forward without looking back is a great mistake. So much has happened in 2013. Of course, from the fashion perspective over 2,000 pieces of breaking fashion news have molded our work-life for 2013. But in what I’m about to show you, another (much bigger) site, takes you on a journey of what was 2013. It includes the ups, the downs, the breakthrough moments and even a bit of pop culture. Leave it to Google to take time to make sure that no one forgets what has happened in 2013. Without further ado, we hand over to the ruler of the digital land… Google and their Zeitgeist. 


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