Did you know Beyonce’s “backup dancers double as hair and makeup backstage”?

At a Beyonce concert earlier this evening, Allure magazine took to Instagram to share a fact that knocked our socks off. Apparently, Queen Bey’s team has many talents. For example, her backup dancers are not just backup dancers. Oh no, these ladies wear several hats while on tour with Beyonce. Not only do they seriously shake what their mommas gave them, they also act as hair and makeup backstage. Allure writes:

You tell ’em, #Beyonce! Cool fact: Her backup dancers double as hair and makeup backstage. (No seriously, they get ready for every show on their own.)#mrscartertour#beyoncerise

Now the question we are all asking… do they also help in transforming Beyonce for each concert or just themselves?

{Allure Instagram}


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