Designers on Screen: Amy Adams’ American Hustle is gorgeous in Gucci

Who knew the late 1970s were so stylish? Seen American Hustle yet? Oh right, of course you haven’t as it isn’t released until later this month. Well, when you do sit for the film you’ll find yourself taking some notes on how to get the look. Could this be the start of a major throwback in fashion? We sure hope so. If you look closely throughout the movie you’ll see a number of familiar pieces from one of our favourite Italian labels – Gucci.

Amy Adams, who plays Sydney Prosser, is the leader of the fashion pack here. And she’s glorious in Gucci throughout. From her iconic horsebit necklace to then platform loafers on her feet. Costume designer Michael Wilkinson was responsible for the look (sir, we take our hat off to you). When asked about the styling he commented, “When I dressed Amy Adams for American Hustle, Gucci was a
natural choice. What better label to capture the sophistication and glamour of
New York in the late 1970s? Her horsebit jewelry immediately shows the audience
that Amy’s character is both elegant and sexy. Her Gucci platform loafers
encapsulate classic style. When the director asked for a ‘special handbag’ for
a detailed close-up, I was drawn straight away to the Python Bamboo Lady Lock –
bold, luxurious and iconic.”

Now bring on the movie! 

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