Daily Boomer: The Walk

I’ve discovered a therapy that so far exceeds the work of a professional that I’m starting to construct a new business model in my mind. I have been home only a week, and in that week I have taken to long walks with not-so-little-anymore Boomer. What started out as a way to exercise Boomer has actually become a way to exercise my own soul. Stay with me here…

We’re on an island off the coast of the Carolinas. The most action we get here is a UPS delivery. It is empty and it is beautiful. For Boomer and I, this wide open space has become a daily journey of discovery. I allow him to lead me around the island and together we find a new corner each and everyday. We are truly partners in crime. 

But more than discovery,  the best therapy of the day is when I call out to Boomer – “Stop big guy and wait for me.” He stops dead in his tracks, turns to look at me and then gallops over at a speed that is reserved for most Olympic medallists. I kneel down and he charges me, nearly knocking me off my feet when he greets me, again and again as if he’s seeing me for the first time. 

Walking with Boomer is what I will miss most when it’s time for us to say goodbye again in two weeks’ time. 


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