Daily Boomer: This puppy’s too big for carrying

Our little puppy has a new nickname: Boomer Big Boy. He’s no puppy anymore. At six months exactly, Boomer celebrated the half-birthday with a weigh in of over fifty pounds. This puppy is one of the biggest six month year olds I’ve ever tried to cuddle. 

So here’s how a day in the life of Boomer looks at the moment. He wakes up sound asleep on top of my head. Yes, Boomer likes to sleep on my head, or any head that’s available. I can’t explain why he’s obsessed with this sleeping arrangement but his snoring signifies he’s one happy pooch. From there, he’s usually the one waking me up to tell me it’s time for his walk around the island. Then he spends the entire day searching for a way to sneak people food out of any hand that’s around. He’s a sly little man and he has eyes that will make you hand over any steak, pizza or doughnut. How can you resist a puppy face?

The little guy is finally asleep under the kitchen table as I write. He plays hard, but crashes harder. I’m thinking a bath post may be coming soon. He’s now taken to trying to jump in the shower with me in the morning. 


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