Clutch this: Versus Python Embossed Leather Clutch

If you are a Versace fan, may we recommend you take a look at this fab new clutch they’ve released with their Versus collection? We first met this beauty in a press viewing. We spotted it from across the room and were drawn to it like a moth to a flame. As we wrapped our fingers around the beautiful black python embossed leather, it was almost like coming home. This clutch was meant to be a part of the Fashion Foie Gras family. At the time, we were expecting a price tag of ridiculous proportions. Today, we are pleased to report that this beauty is available for purchase for £230. Seems like highway robbery, no? It is truly stunning and the perfect night-out bag from here to eternity. In case anyone is wondering…. this is on our Christmas list! {Versus Black Python Embossed Leather Clutch}


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