Christmas Gift Guide: What to buy your cats and dogs

1. Cat Scratch Deck £24 – For the hip cats amongst us.

2. Wipe Your Paws Mat £47.95 – Remind your little ones to wipe their paws before entering the house this Christmas. 

3. Canine Treat Tree £17 – Wouldn’t this just look darling under the tree? And imagine Fido’s face when he finds that Santa Clause has left a special surprise with his name on it.

4. Hollywood Dogs Book $32.44 – This is a must own for any dog lover. Look at it with your pup and see if you can find his Hollywood counterpart. 

5. Biscuit Wreath £29.95 – Let your dog be house proud this Christmas with treats for him and all his visiting friends. Place on the door and we promise you’ll be the biggest hit in the neighbourhood. 

6. Dog Tea £14.99 – Did you know dogs can enjoy herbal tea as well? We did not and simply can’t get enough of this idea. Enjoying a hot cuppa with your favourite furry friend. Is there anything closer to heaven? We’ve ordered. Haven’t tried yet but the idea itself looks fantastic! 

7. Mungo & Maud Paige Denim Beds – Released earlier this year, this is the new hip way for pups to sleep. A meeting of two great minds is found in these great products for your furry friend.

8. Jar of treats £11.95 – Leave it to Selfridges to supply a fabulous dog treat jar – the perfect accessory to any pet area in the house, and one that will make your best friend very happy indeed.

9. Puppy Paw Prints £14.95 – Keep the puppy moments alive forever by putting your dog’s puppy prints on canvas. This is a complete kit to capture the moment. You are your full grown pup can look back on these days fondly. 

10. Barbour Jacket £50 – There’s no reason now that you and your four legged friend can’t share country walks in matching ensembles. 

11. Star Wars Cat Toys £3.74 – Honestly, have you ever seen anything cooler? 


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