Christmas Gift Guide Day 4: For the Techie in the Family

Giftlab Handbag iPhone cover £59 –  Seems turning your iPhone into a chic look-alike handbag is all the rage these days, from teens to soccer moms. Do it!

Nike Fuel Band £129 – You’ve heard us rave about this before and we truly believe it’s the perfect Christmas present for the fit, or those pledging to get fit in the new year. There are details here you simply can’t hide from. Laziness becomes apparent immediately. 

Milli Millu Zurich Bag £1,550 – This may just look like a chic bag, but it’s also the modern ladies Godsend. While this is top of the price range, there are dozens more that are similar in style that offer supreme handbag organization like we’ve never seen before. So you can look good and find things easily. Why didn’t we know about this before?

Juice Cube £24.95 – We all know iPhone batteries are absolute crap. They last all of an hour these days. So everyone needs a Juice Cube. Trust me, people will be happy to receive this portable battery charger. It will change lives on Christmas Day. 

Touchscreen Gloves £12 – Yup, it’s getting cold and the days of using your touchscreen phone outdoors without gloves are over. So give the gift of warmth to those who commute and work while they’re doing it. Even the tube is freezing cold in the mornings!

Beats by Dr. Dre Pro Headphones £349 – Every “techie” needs a pair of Beats by Dre. It’s like an official part of the uniform.

Sonos Play with Bridge £329 – We’ve had this hooked up in the FFG office for a year now, after Mr. FFG gave us a set so we could jam to girlie tunes while working. Truly, it is the best sound quality out there and brilliant as you just play music straight from your iPhone (you can even play from your Spotify playlists).

iPad Air 32GB £479 –  This is a no brainer. The new iPad is impressive and, yes, people lined up to buy this one too. 

Playstation 4 £349.95 – If you can find it in stock, this is tech dream. Apparently it’s the most impressive gaming system out there today. Who knew? Like we said, if you can find one you’re quids in. 

Christian Louboutin Studded Leather iPad case £495 –  You knew we had to throw something fashion in here. When it comes to accessorizing, we’re not sure everyone knows that Louboutin is a prime contender. So here you have it… chic studs for your iPad.

Apple TV £99 – Another game changer and the best £99 spent this year. The Apple TV lets you stream anything from your iPhone, iPad or Macbook – photos, videos, youtube, music, etc etc… honestly, we’re wondering what this thing can’t do. 


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