Christmas Gift Guide Day 1: Making it feel like Christmas

  1. Dress Up Fridge Magnets Christmas £9.95 – There’s no better way to set the Christmas spirit than by decorating the first place you look every morning -the fridge! Rework every picture with reindeer ears or Christmas wreaths. The prefect warm up for the season!
  2. Diptyque Pin Candle £45 – If you love the smell of Christmas trees, this is a must purchase. Your house will smell like the North Pole in moments. If you’ve ever owned a Diptyque candle, you’ll know you can’t go wrong. So this new Christmas scent is a winner all around. 
  3. Christmas Reindeer Slipper Socks £12 – A bit of fun here with some decorative socks. Warm those toesies by the fire!
  4. Sloane Square tree decoration £4.95 – Feel like showing off your neighbourhood for all to see on the Christmas tree? Or perhaps your sending local love to someone abroad? 
  5. Biscuiteers Gingerbread DIY £35 – Building a gingerbread house is more fun than you’ll ever have expected. Do it with friends, and a bottle of wine, and you’re creating a night to remember. 
  6. Ralph Lauren Holiday Candle £45 – This is my very own holiday tradition. Christmas isn’t Christmas until this candle finds its way onto the mantle. It is truly the spirit of Christmas in a tiny package. Don’t let size fool you. This baby packs a powerful punch. 
  7. Grey Felt Reindeer Head £59.95 – Whether you are a kid or an adult, this will bring a smile and turn the living into Santa’s den. 
  8. Fortnum and Mason Advent Calendar £95 – Buy today and start unwrapping ASAP. It doesn’t get much more “London Christmas” than with a mini Fortnum and Mason in your house revealing daily surprises. 
  9. Christmas Pudding Bin Bags £11.95 – Why not share the Christmas cheer with neighbours this season as even your trash bags can be filled with spirit? Good for hiding pre-Christmas evidence and useful for disposing of the big day’s trash, these are a must own. 
  10. Be Naughty Sign £4.90 – This says it all really. If you’re a cheeky monkey, hang this sign! 
  11. Starbucks 2013 Candy Cane Mug £7.95 – You guys know how we love red cups. But in truth, we celebrate the red cups year round as they’re our secret weapon against the post holiday blues. Neverending Christmas cheer!

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