Cancer patients get made over, if only for a second they’re carefree and it’s all captured on film

For anyone that’s ever had a friend or member of your family go through a battle with cancer, you’ll know it’s an all encompassing disease. Every day becomes a fight and the smiles become fewer and far between as time passes. In short, cancer takes over your life. One group, the Mimi Foundation, wanted to give cancer patients a chance to forget their illness, if only for a second. And so a project was born for 20 cancer patients to experience a full makeover. 

Eyes shut, each individual was given a whole new identity with costumes, hair and makeup. Then, they were placed in front of a one way mirror where a photographer was waiting behind to capture the patients as they opened their eyes to see themselves for the first time since the transformation. If you can watch this without smiling and crying at the same time, you are not human. 

May we encourage you to donate to this amazing cause? Find out more on the Mimi Foundation website


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