A “Bullish” proposal may melt your heart

So last week a Chicago Bulls dancer got the surprise of her life in the middle of a performance during a Bulls game. On the centre of the court, she was mixing away when the music changes and the dancers around her move to the side. She’s just there carrying on her routine like it’s any normal day, until she looks around her to discover she’s all along in her performance. From there, your heart goes out to this poor girl. With no clue whatsoever about what the hell’s going on, she is placed in a wheelie chair (surely they could have found something a bit more camera worthy?) and spun around in confusion as oversized men in animal suits surround her. Even we would be totally freaking out at this point. 

Then, the big moment happens. One of the suits is stripped off and her boyfriend appears to ask her to spend the rest of his life with her. Ladies and gentleman, the confused dancer said yes! After the question is popped and the answer is received, the two embrace and get a massive girl embrace from the rest of the dance troop… which also seemed to make the boyfriend very happy. Sorry, we couldn’t help but mention that little tidbit. Or the fact that when he exits the court he seems more interested in shaking hands with his fans than embracing his new fiancée. Man oh man, the cynicism has set in. 

Here’s the big moment captured on film for all to see. It’s already racked up over a million views and has been live for less than 72 hours. 


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