2013 Roundup: Store Windows

A store’s window is perhaps their most important marketing campaign. It’s a place where the brand can either draw you in or drive you away based on what they have presented behind a single plate of glass. It speaks for the store long after the shop has closed, acting as a silent advertisement for the brand when salespeople and managers have long since left. In short, the window to the store is in fact the window to the brand’s heart and soul. 

I found 2013 to be a year in which we spent less time focusing on store windows. In 2012, we featured over three dozen clever window displays. For 2013, we didn’t even have one dozen on the books. The big brands remained true to delivering outstanding productions for 2013, but many let us down on not bringing their A-game to creative concepts. We’re hoping 2014 is a better year for window production. That all being said, here are the ones that stood our from the pack in 2013. You’ll see the usual suspects represented and a few repeats.

1. Christian Louboutin’s Vitamin Windows

2. Dior Windows at Harrods 

3. Moshino’s London Swan Window

4. Louis Vuitton’s Dinosaur Windows

5. Gucci goes graphic with London windows

6. Fortnum & Mason’s tea time topiary

7. Christian Louboutin’s Egyptian moment

8. The Harrods Christmas Express Train Windows

9. Selfridges’ Christmas Larger than life Windows

10. Tiffany’s Manhattan Christmas 


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