Trying out the new Nike Fuelband

Movement is life. The more we move, the more we live. It’s something athletes have understood from the beginning.  The kind of movement that it takes to improve your game is the kind of movement it takes to improve your life.

Imagine this. You get a call from Nike asking if you have a morning free to come and experience a different sort of press day. What I ask? “Well, it’s all a surprise. Come in trainers on the day and we’ll see you bright and early.” Off I went, only minus the trainers as I had to give a talk two hours after the morning activities kicked off. The whole morning was planned around showing press the wonders of the new Nike Fuelband and they were dead set on making us work for it from moment one. We began with a presentation from Nike on the launch of the new Nike Fuelband. I then, for the first time, road a bike through the streets of London (albeit in tandem). The day was full of activities, all geared towards showing us that any and all movements are now tracked and stored in the Nike Fuelband as your day in action. 

You’ve heard me talk before about how much I love the old Nike Fuelband. But for those of you new to the site, let’s give you a quick rundown on what the Nike Fuelband is all about to begin with. Basically this is a band you wear around your wrist that tracks your activity throughout the day. You enter your age, weight and height, throw on the bracelet and the technology takes care of the rest. You are able to see in real time how many steps you’ve walked, how many calories burned, if you are meeting your fuel goal and even the time. 

Now, what’s new about the updated Nike Fuelband? Let’s make this easy. Enter bullet points…

  • You should now wear the Nike Fuelband 24/7. Not only does this device track your activity, it also tracks your sleep. You know have a 360 view of your day. 
  • The new Nike Fuelband now syncs constantly with your iPhone so that you can see your progress and history, accessible whenever you want it.
  • The Nike Fuelband will remind you to move every hour! I get a message from my Fuelband on my wrist telling me to get a move on. It actually reads, “Go Emily!”. If I manage to stay active for at least five minutes every hour, I win the hour. Yes, the Nike Fuelband is challenging you every step of the day and it works. The guilt sets in and you have to get a move on or deal with letting down your device.
  • You can now interact with friends, keep a scoreboard with them on who is achieving their goals and who is the overachiever of the group. You can even share photos and special messages as you work to achieve your goals throughout the day. Oh, and you can also win trophies when you achieve your goals. It’s all about winning, here!
  • Nike have also figured out that certain workouts burn more calories that might not be as easily tracked by your Fuelband. So they’ve introduced sessions. You can now press and hold your Nike Fuelband button to start and finish a session. When the session is complete, you go into your iPhone and mark your activity. The preloaded details of the activity then automatically update your day’s levels. It’s pretty genius and works perfectly for those who regularly work out with spinning, Yoga, Pilates etc. 

So there you have it, just some of the new additions to the new Nike Fuelband device. It’s a pretty amazing little piece of technology and it’s definitely helping me to get off my lazy ass and move constantly. Life’s too short. Get moving, people! 


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