This is why it’s best to leave women to the ear piercing

Not sure how many of you tuned into Jimmy Fallon the other night while Harrison Ford was on the show. It was definitely a show to remember as Jimmy Fallon reminded us all why men don’t typically get their ears pierced. 

Girls, do you remember the day you went to get your ears pierced for the first time? I can remember mine like it was yesterday. I begged and pleaded to be let into the chair that would see me walking out the door with two gemstones in my ears. Finally, my mother allowed for me to sit for the experience and there isn’t one memory of pain, only absolute excitement. Oh the things women do for beauty, eh? This is certainly not the case with one Jimmy Fallon, who looked as if he was about to enter into open heart surgery with Harrison Ford. An absolutely hilarious moment in television, worth watching if only to see the faces that are made by Jimmy Fallon. 


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