This £199 cashmere onesie from Marks & Spencer caused quite the commotion yesterday

A few days ago we received an email from the Marks & Spencer PR team informing us of the late November release of a cashmere onesie with a selling price of £199. At the time, our deepest thought was – “wouldn’t that be lovely considering the miserable weather outside.” We bookmarked it as a selection to feature in the Christmas luxury gift guides and moved on with our days. 

We would never have predicted that we would wake up to a storm of press about said onesie. Our first look at the storm brewing was from BBC Radio 4 who shared a rather interesting quote from the Mark Bolland, CEO of M&S, on twitter, after interviewing him about M&S’s current standings.  He said,  “There will be a few people that want to treat their lady to a full cashmere onesie this Christmas.” With the news that Marks & Spencer clothing sales are down, this opened a very large door for Twitter and the voice of the public to share what they thought about such an announcement. From public disgust for such an indulgent item, to people swearing they were saving every penny to buy one, there was a great divide in the British public after the cashmere onesie was officially outed.

You know where we stand. Where do you? Planning on indulging in what looks to be heaven with a zip front? Or are you stepping away from the cashmere-ical in favour of a less expensive comfort? Whatever your game, the onesie will be available to buy from Marks & Spencer at the end of this month. Plenty of time to start saving… first penny just went in the jar. 


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