The only Christmas shoe you need this season…

Jingle Bells, Charlotte Olympia sells… and ummm Robin laid an egg? Ok, that doesn’t work. Did you see what I was trying to do there? Was trying to sing the non-traditional Jingle Bells while shouting about the fabulousness of these new Charlotte Olympia heels. Didn’t really work, did it? 

Leaving that debacle behind, if you are looking for festive footwear this season, look no further. These bad boys will be the most expensive jingle bells the world has ever seen, coming in at a steep £625, but look at it as a penny per jingle wear and you’ll come out a winner. One thing’s for sure – no one will be able to miss you as you quite literally jingle your way into the party! 

{Charlotte Olympia Jingle Bell Heels}


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