The M&S Cashmere Onesie is now available to buy!

Last week we brought you the developing news story on the scandalous M&S Cashmere Onesie. Why was it scandalous? Well, we’re still trying to figure out why people were so up in arms on what is essentially the most comfortable looking ensemble in the history of outfits. Perhaps it was the idea of a onesie in cashmere, or maybe it was the price point of £199 that comes along with the piece. Yet, we think both are ideal for a perfect Christmas present purchase. 

We can’t think of anything better for a Christmas morning on the floor in front of the fire, tearing open Christmas presents while enjoying hot chocolate and building family memories. While the price point may seem intense to some, you have to remember this is all cashmere we’re talking about here for the M&S Onesie. Most cashmere sweaters cost more than this, yet you’re getting a full look here. 

Bottom line? We’re hoping Santa delivers early this Christmas! {M&S Cashmere Onesie £199}


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