Style Blogger to Follow Now: The Elgin Avenue

In London, there are more style bloggers these days than we can keep track of. There are hundreds out there of note. They’re changing the way we all approach shopping and fitting outfits together, and their population of followers continues to grow at a rapid pace. Style bloggers, the good ones, exist because of an incredible ability to make things look buy-able. They are stylists who use themselves as models. The good ones challenge our everyday approach to clothing, the great ones will cause us to part with credit card details on retail sites, but the genius ones change the way we look at everything when it comes to interpreting style. What I’d like to start doing is introducing you to the Style Bloggers, one by one, who keep me motivated when it comes to fashion. We’ll kick off with one that’s near and dear to my heart…

Over the past year I’ve had the great honour of getting to know one Monica Beatrice Welburn, the brains and beauty behind The Elgin Avenue. As an individual, I cannot say I’ve ever met anyone with a warmer heart. When it comes to style, if I could snap my fingers and inherit her unique ability to look chic at every moment of the day, you bet your bottom dollar I’d do it. Monica’s style is incredible. Her choices for daily outfits are daring yet achievable for the masses, should you be looking for inspiration. But her talent doesn’t stop with style. Monica is also an ace presenter these days. Yup, she’s one of those bloggers that does it all. I call her the “next Alexa Chung,” or more to the point… “finally a person that will be on the screen because they are talented and not just pretty.” She’s already working with some of the industry’s best, and she’s recently been featured in a Jack Wills campaign. Talent already spotted, it seems. Damn, we like to be the talent breakers here!

Bottom line? Add The Elgin Avenue to your RSS Feed, twitter, instagram or whatever other social network you follow blogs with. This is one I guarantee you won’t regret.

Images: Courtesy of The Elgin Avenue / photographer: Lea Salomone


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