Shop Today: The Hunger Games Capitol Couture Collection at Net-a-Porter

The Hunger Games trilogy has reached cult like status. After walking the red carpet at the World Premiere two weeks ago, it’s hard not to get excited about this movie and everything that surrounds it. There is an energy here that is palpable and it doesn’t start and stop with two hours in a cinema. In fact, this time around the “energy” has moved into something you can buy and wear. For the first time ever, Net-a-Porter has teamed up with Lionsgate to create a collection based completely on a movie. 

Today marks the release of The Hunger Games Capitol Couture Collection on Net-a-Porter. Ranging in prices from £40 to £800, this 19 piece collection is predicted to be a sell-out and, more than anything,  we’re worried we might not be able to grab a piece once the items go live. There is a pre-sale sign up page on Net-a-Porter that has been up for a few days now and now that the day has arrived we’re having pre-sale jitters. Are you buying into the movie? How can anyone resist the silver bow and arrow cuff or the Love Sweatshirt? 


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