Selfridges 2013 Christmas Windows: From oversized shoes to Biscuiteer cities

Let’s go ahead and call Oxford Street out for what it is during the holiday season – an absolute nightmare. Thousands of people are out already and they’re out there to hunt for the perfect Christmas present. It isn’t below them to use elbows and knees to do so. This then transforms Oxford Street from a shopping street into a scene from The Hunger Games. It’s deadly. So, for those of you avoiding the shopping street like the plague, we went in and did some dirty work for you in capturing the magic that is Christmas at Selfridges

Each and every year, the Selfridges’ windows are a sight to be seen. There’s no restriction anywhere to be found. The creatives go all out and in return we get a show in each and every window creation. This year we see oversized Charlotte Olympia Kitty Cat Flats, Beats Rose Gold headphones big enough to supply music to an entire party (plus some partying Santas playing underneath) and even a lost city of London made out of Biscuiteers Biscuits. It’s Christmas done right and we loved every minute of the eye candy on display.  

Here’s your first look at the Christmas windows. Enjoy, and, if you’re brave enough, do go down and explore for yourself. Selfridges does have some pretty amazing gift ideas at the ready. 


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