Puppies and Kittens make for the perfect Christmas windows at Macy’s

Full Disclosure: That’s our little Boomer in the picture above. Don’t you want to give a precious puppy a home this Xmas?

How is it that for nine years now Macy’s in San Francisco have had the best Christmas windows in the world and we’re only just hearing about them? What makes these the best holiday windows? Well, every year, at Christmas, Macy’s teams up with the San Francisco SPCA to help rehome puppies and kittens from the local shelter. They do this by turning their windows into animal homes. Yes, you are visualizing this correctly. Windows of Macy’s San Francisco are taken over by the cutest little bundles of joy and all they want for Christmas is a home. Is your heart melting yet?

Since 2004, The SF SPCA Macy’s Christmas windows have rehomed over 2,300 animals and helped to raise over $400,000 for the cause. 

As we’re in London, it’s hard to actively participate in such a wonderful cause. However, we have good news. First of all, our present this year is donating money to the cause. May we encourage you to do the same? Or perhaps talk to your local shelter about attempting to do a similar thing in your community? 

Oh, and we do have a gift for you, wherever you may be. You can actually see a live stream of the puppies and kittens in action in the Macy’s windows over on the live stream. Last time we checked everybody was pretty tuckered out. But these guys are just as cute sleeping as they are wide awake. 

Find out more by visiting SP SPCA

{Source: Jezebel}


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