Melissa McCarthy confirms the critics were crazy with their Elle Cover Jacket-Gate

So if you’ve been paying attention to the news at all lately you’ll remember that a certain recent cover of Elle featuring Melissa McCarthy caused quite a stir in the global community. In fact, it caused such a commotion it even earned a title – Jacket-Gate! Basically McCarthy was wearing an oversized jacket for her Elle cover debut and critics found this offensive. Why? Well, they more or less claimed that Elle Magazine was trying to cover up Melissa McCarthy’s kicking curves.

Ladies and gents, we now have it straight from the woman herself- there was no cover up- quite literally. McCarthy actually picked out the jacket herself and was excited for the opportunity to wear such a beautiful cashmere wrap due to the fact that the hot weather in LA rarely allows for such an indulgence. Must have been a slow day at the media outlets to pinpoint such a ridiculous story to begin with.


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