Jessica Simpson shares blurry bathing suit pic

Jessica Simpson continues to live through the sh*t storm that is the constant media monitoring of her weight. The young singer/designer/mother gave birth to her second baby months ago and she’s fighting back against the damning media attention and showing off her hard body work with her latest picture on Instagram. Prepare yourself, folks, it’s a bathing suit shot, albeit blurry as hell. Seems celebs like a white suit shot? Need we remind you of a recent Kardashian that took a similar twirl in a white suit. Only that shot was not blurry and revealed a little more than we were prepared for on the day. 

It’s funny that we should be mentioning Jessica Simpson today as she was actually the topic of conversation this morning at breakfast. People are always comparing Jessica with a previous look – the one where she plays Daisy Duke. We’re not sure if you remember the media hoopla around that particular Simpson look, but let’s just say that the body Jessica was sporting was by no means easy to achieve. Today, she’s happy showing off a healthier and curvier look, and for that we salute you Ms. Simpson! Rock the white suit and let the critics fall where they may. 


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