Hermès at Harrods just got a whole lot cooler…

We’re guessing if you’re an avid reader of FFG, you’re also a lover of all things Hermès, just as we are. So this news we’re about to report may see you springing from your desk tomorrow morning and jetting over to Harrods. As if Harrods itself weren’t already an adult’s playground, they’ve just added a new “play area” for grown-ups that has us all worked up. Hermès have just opened their first ever UK standalone jewelry and watch boutique in Harrods on the ground floor. Oh yes, Birkin bags at dawn, ladies. 

Now let’s say you’re more the Birkin Bag kind of Hermès girl. Fair enough, to each their own. But we’d be willing to bet that if you like one Hermès product, pretty much everything else will be right up your alley. Hermès gave us a sneak peek at the new space that’s just opened at Harrods, as they thought you guys might be interested. We, naturally, screamed “heck yes” and grabbed the opportunity to share. 

So, first, here are some pictures of the boutique. These are closely followed by pictures of some of the products you’ll discover in the space. If you aren’t head over heels in love with this side of the Hermès brand by the close of this “share,” then it might be best for you to move along to another blog, cowgirl. 


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