Got curves? Buy this little black dress now!

I’ve just been introduced to the brand Baukjen, by way of their Claremont dress. Hello heavens and haute couture, this dress is phenomenal and Baukjen will most likely hate me for saying this, but the shape and fit reminds me of something I’d find in a Donna Karan shop. When it comes to jersey dresses, I worship at the church of Donna Karan. Her designer pieces are second to none and my closet reflects my unhealthy obsession. Unfortunately, so does my insane credit card balance. Now, here’s where this little ditty fits into this whole conversation. Basically, Baukjen is destined to become a closet staple of mine for 2014 and beyond. 

Women these days require a shape that will flatter their curves, and “work what their momma gave them.” I know I’m working some junk in the trunk, nothing on what Kim Kardashian’s got – but this dress would work for both my rear and hers, not in the same dress at the same time, but you get my meaning. 

Not only does this Baukjen dress have a sexy, flattering pencil skirt to slim and lengthen the legs, it also does us all a giant favor with covered arms. It’s winter and I’m not sure about you but my summer push-ups are a distant memory. So any designer kind enough to give me arms on a dress gets a huge thumbs-up in my book. 

What I’m trying to say is this…. buy this dress! {Baukjen Claremont Dress in Black £119}


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