Get out the Kleenex: Latest Google Ads are real tearjerkers

It’s Christmas and we’re used to ads tugging at the heartstrings on television, yet nothing could have prepared us for two new ads from Google. From childhood friends finding each other through virtual breadcrumbs, using Google, to one man finally finding his family after 25 years, thanks to Google Maps, these are advertisements you won’t soon forget. 

We’ll start with the first. This is the tale of the India-Pakistan partition ripping lives apart and quite literally tearing friends from one another’s arms. After years of thinking about one another, it takes a clever granddaughter to piece together the clues that her grandfather has given her. She uses Google search to find her grandfather’s long lost best friend and works to reunite the two. We’ll let you discover the rest for yourselves.

Now, if you aren’t convinced by how technology has changed our world, get ready for a true story of the way in which Google Earth changed one man’s live in helping him re-discover his family. This story needs no introduction. Watch, be amazed and be truly thankful for the ways in which advancements in technology help so many around the world.


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