Five Finds Online: Hamptons Winter Chic

posted on: Saturday, 16 November 2013

1. Ann Taylor Townhouse Horse Bracelet $43.99 - Anyone familiar with Hermes bracelets of late will easily recognize where Ann Taylor drew inspiration for this lovely arm decoration. 

2. Ralph Lauren Suede Riding Boots $995 - While we're on the topic of equestrian, we can't not throw in Ralph Lauren - a Hamptons staple brand. 

3. Coach Handknit Aran Polo Sweater $698 - Yes, Coach have now entered into the wonderful world of clothing. The quality is insanely good and worth every penny. 

4. LK Bennett Vanessa Shearling Tote £498 - I've been carrying this beauty all week and I can honestly say I've never received more compliments on a handbag. I've also never had more people ask to pet me. Seems to be the latest and most fashionable way to meet people. Who knew? 

5. Hamptons Book £30 - If you can't actually get to the Hamptons, you can dream about it with this gorgeous coffee table book.