FFG Weekly Reheat: From Hunger Games Premiere to the first Christmas Lunch

Seems this past week has mostly been dominated by food. Big surprise there. Every single event we attend is overflowing with food, lovely beautiful grub. How anyone stays thin in this business remains a mystery. Ironically, the week of food kicked off with the world premiere of the Hunger Games. Sadly, our phones were taken from us before we took to the red carpet, so the only visual I have to share is the one you see above of our premiere tickets. A huge thank you to Michael Kors for taking us as your guests. 

We also had some pretty amazing sunsets, as you see above, in London this week. Just after the sun said goodbye for day on Tuesday night, I found myself rushing to the centre of town to take part in a fashion blogging panel at the Apple store on Regent Street alongside the two Ella’s – Coco’s Tea Party and La Petite Anglaise. 

More food and beautiful autumn days in London…

I’ll just share one photo of my experience getting “blown out” at Blow Ltd. There’s a full post coming tomorrow! 

Oh, and flowers, glorious flowers. There are so many beautiful roses on sale in London at the moment!

Coffee, scones and burgers. Honestly, if I never have another burger I won’t mind. Can’t even look at this picture!

However, when it comes to chocolate, I am a bottomless pit. Amelia Rope sent over a selection of her best chocolate bars and I’m still working through them. So decadent and so delicious!

More autumn days… and… drum roll please… The Christmas Lunch has arrived at Pret! Calorific and our number one holiday indulgence!


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