FFG Weekly Reheat: From Christmas candles to Alexa Chung’s latest collaboration

Still burning my favourite Christmas candle this week. My house smells of the holidays, making it very hard to leave for daily meetings. That being said, now that Coach  have released a line of clothing I’m loving showing off some new additions to the closet!

Here’s your FFG weekly reheat, some in house enjoying the cozy Christmas feel, and some pictures form further afield due to work travel. Enjoy!

Has anyone else noticed that Louis Vuitton has geese in the windows this season? Looks like the goose as a fashion icon is making a comeback. 

 Perfection in a shoe. This week I fell in love with Coach shoes all over again, and that has a lot to do with these jazzy little ladies… party in the front, business in the front. 

As we’re on the topic of perfection, I had to take a picture of the perfect curl from a photoshoot at the start of the week. Yes, I’m amused by the most simple things, including this gift of the Mocking Jay pin from the new Hunger Games movie. Still a child at heart, you see. 

A few hours later, I was off to Milan. The trip kicked off with a lovely in seat afternoon tea on the way over. Always nice in helping to relax in the calm before the storm. There’s more to come on this Milan trip, so stay tuned!

And finally,  a huge thank you to Eyeko and Alexa Chung, for sending over some pieces from the new collaboration! I am a complete Eyeko convert!


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