FFG Weekly Reheat: Chocolate covered strawberries, good friends and memories made with Nike

This week was a wild and crazy one, so sincere apologies for the lack of updates. The week started with a very special conference with Next. I was given the opportunity to speak with some of my favorite girls in the industry including Abi Marvel, Style Slicker and The Elgin Avenue. We were joined by an amazing group of women, 150 of them in fact, that were looking to blog like their lives depended on it. It was  a day to remember, sweetened by some amazing chocolate covered strawberries.

Now while I was over at Next, I thought it only appropriate to wear my favorite croc boots from the outfitter. And speaking of croc, I’ve added two more pieces to the collection – both from Topshop. The soft suede croc bag is an absolute find. I’m wondering if it’s a step too far to wear with the Topshop croc blazer

After a little shopping, it was time for the next adventure – hosting a talk with Wella Pro hair legends Josh and Eugene. I stepped out in East London (see favorite store front below) looking like Britney Spears with flesh coloured microphone. 

Afterwards, I attended a dinner with a very special lady – more to come on this later – which involved a very special sweet treat.

On the subject of sweet treats, Bottle Green sent over a special basket full of flavored Tonic Water to make a girlie Gin & Tonic. Never been a big fan of the drink, but that’s all changed. And of course starting the night with G&Ts ended with a lovely bottle of red and a pizza – here’s a shot of the morning after.

Now, one of the most exciting moments of the week happened when a giant box from Fedex arrived on my front step. Looks like Durango thought it was about time I bring the Southern feel over to the UK. Get ready, ladies and gents, as I’ll be wearing these until I die. I do love a good cowgirl boot! 

And of course this week was Halloween! Let’s start with how Boomer spent his Halloween – out front welcoming the Tricker Treaters. He was definitely the hit of the night. Also a hit were Lola’s Cupcakes decorated for the special occasion. 

On the night itself, we put on a bit of a shiny shindig with Gordon Ramsey’s Bread Street Kitchen in the city.  It was a night to remember. They not only put together amazing decorations for the night, they also set us up with the hottest DJ in London, the best Halloween punch we’ve ever tried and a space that is second to none. 

Oh, and I can’t close out the weekly recap without mentioning that I had quite the experience with Nike this week. Can’t give too much away yet. Here’s a sneaky look…

Oh, and have you seen that Starbucks Red Cups are out?! This is major news. Get thee to a Starbucks immediately!

And on a final note… Happy Sunday! I spent mine with a morning at Barrecore, followed by an unexpected afternoon Sunday Roast with friends. So much for the healthy start, eh?


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