Current Obsessions: Give me Gold from Beats by Dr. Dre, Aerin Lauder, Tifffany & Co. and Michael Kors

When it comes to metals, I’ve turned my back on everything but gold these days. I’m an addict. I’m a metal matcher. Silver no longer comes into play. I don’t mix and match. I’m a loyal worshipper of the golden ways (nearly said “arches” there… yes, I love a Big Mac too). Which leads me today to the introduction of my current daily golden obsessions…

1. Beats Mixr Rose Gold Headphones: Exclusive to Selfridges, these are my new get-around-town beats. I am quite literally popping along the sidewalks of London between meetings, lost in the most random music selection. If you see a very tall lady dancing quite strangely in preppy attire, it’s moi and I’m not ashamed. These are not only gorgeous, they’re great sound quality and super duper comfortable. 

2. Aerin Lauder’s Evening Rose Fragrance: I’m switching things up with fragrance at the moment and I’ve headed in a direction I would have never thought possible. I’m embracing a rose based scent. This is like nothing I have ever encountered before. It’s fresh, it’s young, all the while being sophisticated and luxurious. And it has a golden hue. Winner!

3. Tiffany Atlas Hinged Bangle 18k gold: What can I say that I haven’t already said about this beauty? It hasn’t left my wrist in three months and I’m guestimating it won’t come off for at least another thirty years. The whole point of buying gold is buying into a product that is timeless. Does it get much more timeless than Tiffany’s? 

4. Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch: This rose gold watch was a surprising find. I have never before been a “rose gold watch kinda gal”. Yet, the colour of this Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch is the most complimentary piece I’ve yet to discover for olive toned skin. Should you be looking to buy a present for yourself or a girlfriend this holiday, this is a winner. Trust me! 


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