Coca Cola’s ’12 Good Deeds of Christmas’

Christmas is upon us and over the next three weeks, I will be embarking on a journey of putting together dozens of gift guides and telling you where to spend your hard earned money on the people you love. While I hope these are helpful, the gift guide I’m kicking off with this year is a bit different, and requires very little money, but a lot of heart. 

A few weeks ago I was approached by Coca-Cola here in London. They were looking to create a new viewpoint when it comes to Christmas and they challenged me to participate in the Coca-Cola “12 Good Deeds of Christmas.” This year, the brand is all about giving in a way that is less about shopping for the perfect gift and more about bringing pure joy into your life by helping others. As each new assignment is completed, I’ll be Instagramming, Facebooking and Tweeting along the way. So be sure to follow along. 

Just what are these tasks that I have to complete before Christmas? 

Here’s the complete list:

1. Take some time to stop and listen to Carol singers

2. Thank your bin-men, postman, milk man or paper boy with a surprise gift

3. Offer to be the designated driver on a Christmas night out

4. Surprise a loved one with a kiss under the mistletoe or a festive hug

5. Give someone a hand carrying there christmas shopping or luggage

6. Make your friends and family smile by wearing a silly christmas hat for a day

7. Pay someone a compliment they weren’t expecting

8. Wish a complete stranger Merry Christmas

9. Surprise someone with a homemade christmas card

10. Hold a door open for someone

11. Reward good customer service with a thank-you note

12. Do your bit for the environment and recycle throughout Christmas

May I encourage you to take part in the challenge yourself? Copy and paste the list above into a notes section on your phone and look to complete as many tasks as possible before Santa pays us all a visit on Christmas day. I’d love to do a roundup of all of you who participated in the activity just before Christmas, so make sure you hashtag with #gooddeeds …I’ll be watching and retweeting! 

Need further inspiration? Check out Coco-Cola’s 2013 Christmas advert. This Christmas, it’s all about  giving back, people…


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